Banish Writer's Block Forever!

About this webinar
In this 45-minute webinar you will learn how to banish writer's block forever. First we'll talk about what writer's block actually is, then April will walk you through the basic exercise she has been using for years to find her creative flow on demand. The second half of the webinar consists of actually doing the practice and then transitioning into 10 minutes of writing time.

What you'll learn

While the first half of this webinar is in lecture format, the second half requires active participation.
  • Discover how “writer’s block” is just a catch-all phrase we use to describe the thoughts (conscious or unconscious) that keep us from writing.
  • Learn to recognize and banish those thoughts.
  • Apply what you learn immediately in a short writing exercise.
Testimonial: "I came to this session not expecting much because I thought I knew about mindfulness... but I want to say what a most useful, practical and feel-good session I found it. The pace, April's voice, what she said, everything just encouraged me along. I wrote a page for a scene I felt blurry on and now I have more clarity. I watched it on repeat."

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